About us

Fehow Technology Co., Ltd was established in April 2005 to promote the sales of different brands of electronic components. In order to better our service quality and efficiency to customers in greater China region, we have invested and established offices across North, South and Eastern part of China with a large logistic service center in Hong Kong to integrate our ability to provide high standard and professional customer service. These offices will also enhance our sales promotion and customer-oriented service.

Fehow Tech is bridging companies together with professional knowledge, flexible service, JIT delivery and customer oriented mindset.

Fehow offers sound welfare system, the Welfare Committee in Fehow also provides a variety of activities

so that employees can recognize deeply with the company's core values.

For customers, we have always upheld the spirit of high efficiency and flexibility to serve customers, and continue to expand the product lines.

Currently, there are more than 500 companies in Taiwan and mainland China that have obtained services through Fehow.